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Beginner to Intermediate Player

1. Set up - Grip, posture & stance for Full Swing/Putting
2. Full Swing – Mid Iron (8I-7I), Set up and Stroke
3. Putting- Rock the shoulders. Red, Yellow, Green stroke
4. Chipping – Set up and Stroke
5. Knowledge – Club components (handle, shaft, Club head)

Player demonstrates understanding of set up position for both Full Swing and Putting

1. Full Swing – Player is able to hit a Mid Iron club (7I-8I) a minimum of 25 yards in the air 3 out of 5 shots
2. Putting – Player will be able to make 3 out of 5 putts from 3 feet
3. Knowledge test – Plyer will be given a multiple choice test of golf
club components. Must get 4 of 5 correct.


Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Player

1. Set up- Grip Posture & Stance for full swing and putting.
Body Alignment and ball position
2. Driver/metal woods – Tilt the spine, sweep the ball
3. Full Swing Mid Iron – Y to L swing, Turn the Shoulders, Impact position
4. Chipping – Set up and Stroke
5. Pitching – Set up and Stroke
6. Putting- Lag putting skills
7. Knowledge- Golf Vocabulary (Par, Birdie, Tee Box, Flag stick, etc.)

1. Player can hit driver in the air constantly
2. Player can hit a mid-Iron (6-7-8) in the air 30 yards or more
3. Player can make a 4 foot put

1. Driver – Player can hit the ball more than 50 yards in the air (3 of 5 swings)
2. Full swing – Player can hit a mid-iron (6-7-8) more than 30 yards in the air (3 of 5 swings)
3. Chipping – Player can chip in to the target (2 of 5)
4. Putting – Player can hit a Putt 20 yards within 4 feet (3 of 5)
5. Knowledge – Multiple choice test on golf vocabulary, player must get 7 of 10 correct


Players are now eligible to try out for JS Golf Center teams and are encouraged to play individual events

GREEN- Club Team/ Q tour

Blue – PGA Jr league Team/Met & NJ PGA JR.
Tour/AJGA/Hurricane Tour

Black – High School/College/USGA events

1. Players will receive an individual Player Development (IDP)
plan from JS Golf coaches geared towards enhancing strengths and improving weaknesses
2. Golf Rules – Continual learning and quarterly testing of the rules of golf
3. Course Management and Strategy training